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If you're looking to make money online by selling other people's products, creating and selling your own digital products, or learn how to build an online business from the ground up - you've come to the right place.





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This website is run, managed, and owned by serial Entrepreneur and published author, Rich Wallace, and it will show you how to finally take control of your finances and build a profitable and rewarding online business.

You'll learn exactly how to find profitable niches, research the potential of success and money making possibilities for those niches, and how to start making money with very little effort.

You will also be taught about the power of email marketing, affiliate marketing, and if you're interested in MLM - how to start and run a successful organization.

Rich's blog is all about sharing his personal experiences - whether they work or not - with you so you can learn what (or what NOT) to do when building your online empire.

In most cases, Rich will show you how to use some of the specific tools and products that he fully endorses and uses on a daily basis in his own business, so you know how to implement these tools and make them work extremely hard to build your profits.

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Rich WallaceBefore we go too far, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Rich Wallace, and I've gone through just about every challenge there is to experience in making money online.

Through depression, self-teachings, research, dumping tens of thousands of dollars into training and mentors, I've been able to essentially "crack the code" on what it takes to turn my life around and start making serious money online.

Although I'm not one of those "online gurus", I'm straight-forward and I don't pull any punches.  I'm as human as they come and I'm not one to simply throw tons of products and sales pitches at you hoping you'll break out the credit card and then leave you hanging.

We already know that it's not easy making money online, or else we'd all be doing it and companies would collapse form the loss of Entrepreneurs.  My passion for helping others, and learning along the way will help YOU find the dreams that you have and show you how to make them your reality.


WHAT IS RICHWALLACE.NET? is my blog and a growing community of like minded people that are serious about starting or growing their online business as an affiliate marketer, product creator, or network marketer.  This blog is my attempt to enlighten and entertain readers with my articles, reviews, and product offerings.

Take your time and look around, learn some new things about online marketing, or refresh your memory on a new look at older ideas then find your inspiration to make your online business building efforts a successful one.



Affiliate Marketing: Generating an income by sharing, recommending and promoting another company’s or person’s product or service.

In other words... when you help another marketer or company generate sales, you get a cut!  Affiliate marketing is pretty awesome and here’s why: You don’t have to create your own product, because someone else already did!  All you have to do is send traffic through a link to that product, and everything after that is out of your hands.

Wait, what?  That’s it?  Well, sort of, which is why affiliate marketing has had such a BAD RAP lately. But, I’m trying to change that!  Affiliate marketing has become a huge part of my overall passive income portfolio, and I’ve picked up a few things over the years that has taught me what works, and what doesn’t.  The #1 reason people think so negatively about it is because influencers are abusing the power of it, recommending products and services primarily for the commissions, and not because they help.



Similar to affiliate marketing, is adding the option to create your own digital (or physical) products that YOU own and sell online.  These products can include just about anything that you create on your own or with the assistance of others and offer them for purchase via your website or other medium.

What's crazy awesome about going this route, is that the product is absolutely yours to manage as you wish.  You can offer them on many sites such as Amazon, eBay, or any of the other online marketing stores, or you can also become a product vendor and allow OTHER affiliate marketers to promote and sell your product for you - and you determine how much each affiliate will make per sale.

As long as you tap into the correct market, or niche, product creation can be an extremely powerful way to generate passive income online and propel your business and your profits!



Network Marketing (aka: Multi-level Marketing (MLM)) is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses.  Some of the best-known companies in America, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware, fall under the network marketing umbrella.

However, and as unfortunate as it is, network marketing has a very bad reputation and is too commonly compared to it's illegal doppelganger; the pyramid scheme.  During my online marketing career, I've been connected to several network marketing opportunities and although there are some shady businesses out there posing as legitimate MLM businesses, the entire Network Marketing arena has proven time and time again to be a successful and prosperous opportunity for millions of people around the globe.

Since the network marketing route already includes a solid business that's already in place, this is one of the easiest ways to launch into entrepreneurship.



If you have no idea where to begin, this is the perfect place to start.  First, you need to be able to wrap your head around the information and understand what it takes to start an online business.  You don't necessarily  need to be technical or a computer expert, but there are some basics that you'll need to know in order to help yourself strive for the success you want.  DO NOT LET THE THOUGHT OF TECHNOLOGY SCARE YOU!



First off, I love to write and learn new things as often as I can, and I'm extremely thankful for all of the support that I've received from readers just like you.

Ever since I first learned that people were walking away from their "beige cage" and leaving the 9 to 5 by making money online, I was intrigued and wanted nothing more but to learn exactly how to do it myself.

While managing my first successful blog, I connected with several "professional" bloggers and started soaking up as much information as possible.  I purchased courses, read pages and pages of blogs, and downloaded and read countless eBooks - some free, more not.

Affiliate marketing was my first goal and as I progressed through the intricacies and challenges there, I started to invest the very little profits I was making back into my own education and eventually hired a mentor.

After it's all been said and done, I've dropped thousands of dollars into my investments and truly got serious on building my online business.  I now own well over 25 domains, all of which are generating passive income for me as I write up this page for you. 🙂

I want to show you how I did it, and these tools and products are exactly those that I swear by and use on a daily basis to generate my own income.

So if you're ready to take your efforts to a serious level, come along and check out these amazing and powerful offerings that I present to you.


The first step to online business ownership is owning a professional and meaningful domain name.  GoDaddy makes registering domain names fast, simple, and affordable at all levels of online business.  Every domain that I own - including the site you're on right now - I have purchased through GoDaddy.  If you're ready to take the first step toward business ownership, join up with GoDaddy and nail down that perfect domain name now!

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The second step to online business ownership is finding a good home for your web files in the way of "hosting".  HostGator has been my primary hosting provider for over ten years and I have had almost zero issues with any of the technology solutions that they provide.  If you're ready to take the next step toward business ownership, join up with HostGator and you'll have a blog, website, or online store up and running in no time ready to work for you.

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I think it’s incredibly important to stay in touch with you!  You took the time to find the website, so I’m giving the time back to connect with my readers, followers, and fans.  My inbox is always open and you’re always welcome to send me an e-mail.

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That said, you can increase your chances of getting a reply by doing the following:

Search my website (at the top) to see if I’ve already written an article or post that answers your question.  Avoid legal questions. While I do try to offer my best advice, I’m not a lawyer or financial expert, and I don’t feel comfortable in giving advice that could relate to your potential legal situation. Hold those out for your own personal accountant or attorney.

Please keep your e-mails as brief as possible so I can give my time to as many people as possible.  The more questions you ask in a single e-mail, the less likely I’ll be able to answer any of them.

Well, that’s all for now!

If you’re looking to understand the art of making online passive income and build your own business in the process, then I can help you.  I hope you enjoy my website and offerings, and feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions on how to make everything even easier. I’ll always do my best to try to help!