Internet Marketing Scams and How to Avoid Them

Internet Marketing ScamsI won’t be the first, or last, person to tell you that there are countless Internet Marketing scams in the make money online arena.  Unfortunately, I’ve worked with many people that have been hit by “money runners” or “gurus” that are only interested in YOUR best interest as long as your credit card is in hand.

I’ve run into plenty myself and although in most cases I’ve been able to retrieve my investments, other times, they disappear faster than the expert that I’ve sent that money to in the first place.  Here’s one such story…

There are many online courses that are made available for “professional training” that include so called guarantees, that will make you tons of money online.  Now, of course, I promote several online courses – and I’m building some of my own – but the challenge comes along when these fly-by-night gurus offer their products on platforms that just don’t seem on the up and up.

One individual was in a bad way and needed to make additional money for some medical treatments that were coming up, so he decided to hit the Internet and get sucked into an advertisement offered by what he thought was a “trustworthy marketer” that had just launched a new product that, sure enough, guaranteed his success in making money online.

This marketer actually had a decent product, if it wasn’t another of the many camouflaged internet marketing scams!  There were plenty of good reviews and positive testimonials (keep in mind, these can be copied and pasted from anywhere) and when they actually connected and make time to speak before the client made his purchase, everything seemed perfect.

Red FlagRight away, there were red flags popping up everywhere.  When the “guru’ started the transaction, the payment process went through what looked to be a trustworthy sales gateway.  However, the guru did send full disclaimer and receipts to cover proof of purchase, so all was good, right?

Soon after the money transferred over and the ball was to start rolling, communication halted – almost immediately.  The “guru” stopped responding to emails, the promised training never came about, and when the client decided to ask for a refund…guru was gone and another unfortunate elaborate internet marketing scams took another victim.

Since the payment process went through a third-party, there wasn’t much support for our poor customer in getting his money back.  After some research, it does appear that PayPal did have a hand in the transaction of the payment, so there’s a chance he may get something back.  Here’s to hoping!

The root problem here, is that there are so many people out there taking advantage of us that are looking to better our lives as entrepreneurs, and unfortunately, these scum are actually making money so as far as they are concerned, they have been successful and feel that they can keep going forward this way.

Do your research, due diligence, and ask questions!  There are many of us that actually do have your best interest in mind and won’t lead you into a cesspool of offerings that will get you nowhere but further into the red on your bank account.

One of the main steps I take in my reviews and videos when promoting something, is to show you that I have proof of purchasing the product either by posting a copy of my receipt, or show the receipt in my videos before jumping into the product.  Sure, people can give you video reviews of a “free” section, but all that does is allow the guru to show you something that you could already see on your own – and that guru hasn’t spent a dime or a second in the product that they swear by.

Keep yourself safe.  Unfortunately, the make money online umbrella can contain unethical and dream shattering internet marketing scams that can give you a horrible taste in your mouth.