Facebook vs. Instagram – What’s Best for Affiliate Marketing?

Instagram vs. FacebookFacebook, Instagram…which one is best for affiliate marketing?!?!

It’s a debate that comes up quite a bit in the world of internet marketing time after time, but for good reason.  See, just about every marketer uses Facebook in one way or another to build their business.  Whether this involves a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, or they use a “Personal” Facebook account that is solely used to interact and engage with people.

Another way we use Facebook is by utilizing Facebook Ads – where you pay for ads that you can create to specifically target those potential customers and leads that have met every requirement in your intended audience.  This is by far the most effective way to use Facebook as you have more of a chance to get your products or services in front of the eyes of people that may never join the Groups or Pages that you spend most of your time on.

But…what about this ever increasing powerhouse called, Instagram?

It’s not top secret that Facebook owns Instagram, but don’t make the mistake that these are the same thing.  Facebook and Instagram are two completely different platforms, regardless of both being under the social media umbrella.  Instagram’s focus is sharing photos and short videos.  Sure, Facebook offers the same, but there’s just something different about this whole Instagram thing.

Metrics.  Yep…the numbers – as far as your role as an internet marketer – is what you should be more concerned with in this ongoing debate.  So, let’s dig into those metrics, shall we?

Instagram is Growing, While Facebook is Slowing

Facebook vs. Instagram: Growth

Facebook first launched in 2004 – man, do I feel old now – and the popularity of the site overtook the Internet for over a decade.  With that, Facebook is the longest running social media platform around which offers up a few double-edged swords for the online marketing industry.

Although the usage and capital of Facebook seems to never end, it’s growth has been limited after so long.  Basically, due in part to being so popular that the giant already has just under 2.86 billion active accounts as of the end of 2016.  Now, the world’s population is well over 7 billion, but they only track those possibilities where the target audiences include the desire for social media.  You know – first world problems, and all.

Facebook IS running out of new users to sign up and as far as internet marketers are concerned, the organic reach that Facebook has offered us over the years has decreased by over 60% since 2012.

What does that mean?  Well, it means a LOT of eyes that will never see your content unless you start shelling out the money for ads.  Keep in mind, just about every marketer is already doing this – so now you have to figure out how to stand out from the millions upon millions of ads that may be promoting the same things you just started to promote.  Ugh.

The other side of the blade…

Instagram has been enjoying a whopping organic reach effect of over 200%!!!  That means, people are sharing and liking more photos on Instagram than they are on Facebook.  200% is simply something that you cannot ignore, especially if you believe you can’t build a business by sharing pictures.

Instagrammers are More Engaging than Facebookers

Instagram Users are More Engaging than Facebook

Ok, let’s be honest with ourselves.  Exposure is great; engagement is better…always.  The point is that we don’t just want people to see that we’re sharing useful content.  We want them to know that our content is specifically valuable to them and that by engaging with your content is something that can change their lives.  The result?  They click, they sign up, they subscribe…and if you’re lucky, they share.

Therefore, we want to look at the numbers as far as what offers higher engagement levels – sure, a Facebook “Like” is nice, but when that “Share” link is clicked, that’s when the organic spread begins.  But, as you can see in the graphic above, you’re more likely to get more traction with Instagram as far as the mighty engagement step goes.

if you glanced over that last infographic: Instagram has 58X MORE engagement per follower than Facebook.




Got it?

Scared of a Little Competition?

Instagram vs. Facebook: Competition

Good, because when it comes to Instagram, that’s what you’ll get…little competition.

As of 2015, there were only 36% active marketers using Instagram as an engagement and marketing medium.  Compared to 93% of marketers using Facebook for their marketing efforts.  Facebook is more than happy to take your money to keep posting those ads over and over again, so if you track your advertising expenditures, you may notice the return on investment isn’t as high as you’d wish because if you’re promoting something that is wildly popular – more than likely, your targeted audience has already seen it – over and over again.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should abandon Facebook for a marketing platform.  If you can design the correct ads that are proving to pull in new leads and customers, then you found the golden ticket, but many marketers are nowhere close when starting out.

Better Reach and Engagement

Instagram Has Better Reach

Since Facebook is the world’s largest social network, many of the major brands (as well as us little entrepreneurs) are on there trying to reach their audience. Since Facebook has a tons of brands on it, there are ways to filter their posts.

If there weren’t, users would quickly be overwhelmed.

Instagram doesn’t have this problem.  Not yet, at least.

Get this…brands on Facebook reach a depressing 6% of their followers – not even one in ten of them – while these same brands on Instagram reach them all with every piece of content they publish.

100% of your Instagram posts reach 100% of your Instagram followers – 100% of the time.

That’s not too shabby!

Track Down the More Valuable Followers

Engaged Followers are Engaged Buyers

Now, let’s dive into the real reason we’re here… profits.

You’re in this game to make money online, let’s face the facts here and that’s why your attention is the most valuable asset that you can offer me right now.

The average order that a converted buyer from Instagram is $10 more than a converted buyer from Facebook.  Now, before you dive into opening that new Instagram account and plaster it with your product banners and adds, these are engaged followers.  As we know, those inactive accounts or bot run accounts that just like, like, like without actual engagement, do nothing for us.

That means you still have to put in the effort to be real on your Instagram account, there are enough “guru” accounts that flood the platform with junk and lies as it is.  Learn and understand Instagram as soon as you possibly can


Alright, it may sound like I’m favoring Instagram…because I kind of am.  But, let’s not take Facebook out of the picture.  Facebook is still the powerhouse that we know it is and new users sign up everyday.  In fact, if you are NOT using Facebook as part of your marketing efforts or don’t have a Facebook Page, make one…now.

Also, don’t count out Instagram…if you don’t have an instagram account yet, get one, now.  As an online entrepreneur, you want to diversify your online presence via social media just as you would your income streams.

See you online!