These days, Facebook advertising has been highly beneficial for small, medium, and large sized corporations.  Whether you’re in the funding phase or have a highly established product, Facebook ads have the power to project your brand message and take you to the next level.

For all intents and purposes, there are two types of Facebook ads – those that are showcased on the right-side of the Facebook platform and those that are located within the Newsfeed.  Both have their pluses and both have their minuses.  It’s up to you to understand which resource can help you to achieve your goals.

Let’s go over what each one is, the pros and cons of both, and which can ultimately create the most success for you.

Right-Side Ads


What they are: Facebook right side ads are advertisements that appear on the right column of the Facebook platform.  Traditionally, you can target by location, demographics, interests, behaviors, connections, as well as custom audiences.

Pros: While right-side ads have recently been trumped by News Feeds ads, Facebook is unveiling some changes, specially design. In a blog post, Facebook notes that the updated look will make right-side ads more consistent with the ads that appear in News Feed.  In addition, they will be larger in size and use the same proportions as desktop Newsfeed ads.  This means advertisers will gain a simple way to create ads on the right side of Facebook.

Cons: The blog post also noted that there will be fewer right side ads.  This is intended for a better ad experience on Facebook.  While research notes that increased engagement — up to three times more — from people seeing the new design, less people may see your ad overall.

Newsfeed Ads


What they are: Newsfeed ads launched in 2012 and have been a highly beneficial tool for Facebook advertisers.  Newsfeed ads are advertisements which appear in the feed’s of the user.  In essence, it’s story form of advertising.  This allows you to get your message across without being so obvious that you’re publicizing your company, product, or service.

Pros: According to research across Marin Software’s client base, advertisers increased spending on Facebook Newsfeed ads by 140 percent in Q3 2013, compared to a quarter earlier.  In addition, Facebook Newsfeed ads have a click-through rate 44 times higher and a conversion rate five times higher than right-side ads.  Plus, the results of Newsfeed ads are 67 percent lower cost-per-conversion than right-side ads.

Cons: The major benefit of Newsfeed Ads are their social context ability.  That is, stories about social actions that you or your friends have taken.  For example, an ad for the Starbucks Facebook page may be paired with a Newsfeed story that shows one of your friends liking the business page.

However, Facebook recently eliminated sponsored stories, instead choosing to provide social context to all advertisements, not just Newsfeed Ads.  Now, when a friend chooses to interact with a page, it will turn into a page “like,” instead of highlighting the actual interaction.

Which form of advertising works best for you?  In the end, it depends on what you are looking for.  If you want more visually appealing or dynamic ads, you should probably go with right side advertising.  However, if you would like to see increased engagement and perhaps more bang for your buck, Newsfeed ads are right up your alley.

So, what’s your ultimate Facebook advertising dilemma?  Do you stick to Newsfeed or right-side ads?  Let me know in the comments below!

Rich Wallace
Rich Wallace

Rich Wallace is a serial Digital Entrepreneur with multiple enterprises in Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, and Product Creation with a burning desire to help others realize the potential that they have to find a better way to life with financial independence.