Hi There!  I’m Rich Wallace… Here’s my Story

Rich Wallace
Hey, that’s me!

In this market, many people think I’m supposed to have magical powers.  Some kind of rags to riches story where I ventured out and found some “secret” that nobody else really knows about and today, I’m making millions of dollars and sipping on cognac.

However, that’s the typical “online guru” way to gain your interest, but I’d be completely bullshitting you if I tried to take you down that imaginary path that simply doesn’t exist.

The typical guru story would have you believe that everything I’ve done since day one, was 100% strategic and intentional.  That everything was done in a perfectly laid out plan with zero chance of messing things up.  Everything has been perfect and all based on this one magic secret that only someone like me truly knows, but sidesteps you into believing something else.

I’m here to tell you that those typical stories…are generally 100% untrue and littered with lies just to get you to break out your credit card.

My story isn’t one of magical adventures or secrets that only I have been blessed with in possessing.  But a story of ugliness, pain, depression, and ultimately a search for a better way.

I don’t boast about massive paychecks; I don’t brag about big mansions; I don’t push images of limitless wealth with beautiful women on my arm.  I’m your average Joe living life as a single father to four kids that simply decided that I was tired of investing most of my time into somebody else’s dreams and taking myself away from my kids.  I’m simply one person that decided to steer away from the rat race and made a path for a better future for me and my children.


I'm a guy that simply decided to take the steps to build an online business.  I was with my now ex-wife for over seventeen years, which resulted in us having four amazing and beautiful children that mean the world to me.  We live in a pretty quiet neighborhood in a family oriented environment and when they are with me, the love and fun that we share together is immeasurable.

I spend a lot of time on the computer as I am heavily involved in both affiliate marketing and network marketing, so I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the industries and look out for new opportunities that I can share with folks just like you looking to find that "better way" as well.

I don't dress up...ever.  My work allows me to relax in shorts or jeans and a camping shirt most days, or I can just throw on a t-shirt and sandals...of course, along with the jeans or shorts. 🙂

I drink a LOT of coffee, because I actually like the taste of it.  I drop as many "dad jokes" as possible so I can torment my kids - my main goal is to make memories for them when my time to check out comes along.

I have a dry sense of humor and I love the fact that in most cases, my sarcasm is difficult to pick up when the kids can't tell if I'm being serious or not.

That's my life...it's who I am.

I'm not making thousands of dollars a month doing what I do, but it makes it easier when it comes time to pay the bills.  I'm no longer wondering when the next bill collector will call; my credit cards are paid off before the statements post; my bills are automatically paid without putting stress on me when the kids want to go see a movie or if I don't feel like cooking for a night or two.

With the many income streams that I now have set up in my business, life is a little easier and I want to show you how to life a similar life.

But, there is that backstory... The kind that the typical "guru" won't share with you because it's not perfect.


The Introduction to the Real World

My first real "job" out of high school was working for an international hotel chain as a lowly reservations agent.  Taking calls during the third shift to help people nail down rooms for their cross country trips, or business meetings with an extra night for "non-business related adventures".  Perverts.  I knew every script and every up-sell opportunity as well as gained the ability to smell a prank call the second I finished my welcome spiel.

After about a year of that nonsense, I was promoted to the company's information technology group, helping property staff with their computer issues, while the company was rolling out a new property management solutions.  Again...third shift for quite some time.  The sun and I weren't on speaking terms for months.

In school, I was your typical loner.  You know, that "smart kid" that said nothing outside of class, had little to no fashion sense as the jeans and t-shirt thing was still going strong.  I was that strong/silent type and I had built a reputation for being that quite bear in the corner.  I was OK to be around, until someone pissed me off.  Somehow, I was well known, but I wasn't popular - everyone knew me, and I hardly knew their faces.  Thanks to my father, I had a deep interest in computers, which was probably due to the fact that they were easier to understand than most people.

Technology became a hobby and after I graduated and bounced around a few jobs as a freshly thrown to the wolves "adult" into the real world, I picked up as much as I could and found the career in software development and architecture.  During that time, I discovered blogs and websites when Yahoo.com launched - now, I'm just aging myself - I had to be a part of this.  I learned HTML and not long after, I knew how to create a website and a blog.

My first site was something that could pass as seizure inducing and was far from pretty...but it was mine and after I purchased the domain that you are on now, I never looked back.


Could I Actually DO Something With Blogging?

When I first started blogging back in 2001, I was writing extremely technical logs, almost journal-like, that covered the nerdy goodies of coding and geek jargon.  I met other programmers and we shared blogs and comments to try to either better ourselves, or outdo the other programmers to gain more bragging rights.

A few years later, I started to see the other blogs start showing ads or banners that were designed to generate income.  At first, I wasn't interested but when I started to see that this was actually taking off and people were making real money from advertising on their blogs, I jumped in as well.

I launched a few ads and then started to navigate toward those bloggers that were actually making a living online through their blogs.  I was greatly intrigued and that's when I started to learn more about the actual art of blogging and something called, "affiliate marketing".  Soon after, I was introduced to online courses and products that taught you "how to blog" - and then landed on network marketing soon after.  Although MLM had been around for years, blogging was just taking off as a medium in this whole new "online business model" and I was practically first in line with what I was learning.

Sure enough, I was now running several blogs focused on multiple topics and subjects.  I had signed up for about three products to promote as an affiliate, and I was also a network marketer for a major company that had been around for years well before I ever knew they existed.  I loved to write, so things were working out pretty well!


My First "Successful" Blog

I quickly grew bored writing about writing code.  Sure, I was a nerd and my technical abilities paid the bills, but I wasn't one to spend my weekends reading technical guides and hammering the programmer's websites at all hours of a Saturday night.  My then wife and I had been touched with some mental health challenges, and given the frustration that we went through while being introduced to this new lifestyle, we agreed that I would start up a new blog sharing the experiences that we dealt with and the surprises that we weren't warned about.

Within a matter of months, the site blew up!  Apparently, I had tapped into a niche that people we just not talking about, but people were truly looking high and low for information on.  It was pretty much by accident as the blog acted as a double-edged sword.  On one edge, I was writing and sharing to help others - something that I have a true passion for - and the other, was to vent my own frustrations.

I was writing about three to five new articles per week based on my own research and home experiences - no matter now difficult it was to share.  I caught wind of "ProBlogger" and met up with other professional bloggers on Twitter and Facebook and started to follow their teachings on growing the site.  Finally, I took the plunge and wrote my first distributive eBook.

I spent about three months writing the book and another two formatting and designing.  When it was ready, and we both agreed, I published it to the blog as an "ethical bribe" in exchange for mailing list subscriptions.  This was the very first "professional blogger" tactic that I implemented.  I wish I still had the screenshots and the blog to show you, but it was not uncommon to pull in over 100 new subscribers per day once I published the eBook.

Word of mouth was spreading faster than I could post articles.  My Twitter account was taking on more followers than I could approve.  The blog comments were coming in to where my hosting provider threatened to shut me down.  This was insane!

After the initial "launch" of the eBook, I was still averaging about 30-60 new signups and downloads per day.  Twitter was alive with retweets and shares, and more and more people were talking about this crazy blog that I put together out of sheer frustration and disappointment in the medical field.

Then it happened...


Fear of Success is Real

You never really think about "what if" your pet project takes off.  I sure as hell didn't.  I liked to write and I wanted to help people, that was really it.  I never moved forward with monetizing this blog as I felt guilty if I started to 'ask' for money - rule number one in affiliate marketing, by the way (don't be afraid or ashamed to sell!)

One morning on Twitter, I was direct messaged by a doctor that asked if I would be interested in becoming a regular writer for what is now known as PsychologyToday.com.  I was no expert, and I certainly was no therapist or doctor, but they wanted me to write for them.  Evidently, that conversation got out and I started to get more offers from pretty big websites to join them as a professional writer.  The blog was doing really well and I didn't want to give it up, so I declined.  Still, not making a penny off of any of it.

A few weeks go by, and I receive an email from a highly respected member of the online psychology community that was an extremely well known blogger and speaker for the subject I was attacking.  You want to know what it's like to want to kick yourself in the ass?

She invited me to become a partner in her business.  She was doing extremely well...well over seven figures and she thought I'd be "perfect for the other side of the fence" since I was sharing my perspective in such a relationship affected by the challenges we faced.  I was going to be working side-by-side with her, traveling and doing seminars, motivational and educational speaking. Probably a book deal AND she was on TV...damn.

Guess what I said?


The End of a Dream

Years pass, and I'm full swing back into doing a job that I no longer liked.  I killed all traces of the blog I had that had taken me to the edge of a life changing opportunity.  I still liked to write, but I didn't want to anymore.  I felt like a failure.

A few years after that...divorce.

I heard the most beautiful voice in the world utter the ugliest words I could imagine.... "I don't want to be with you anymore."

My world shattered.

Life, as far as I knew it, was over.

The dream that I had for us in growing old together and enjoying our retirement in our golden years vanished in the blink of an eye.

Our children were now going to be a statistic - *Children of Divorce



Time to Get Serious

After D-Day hit and all of the fallout had settled, finances really became a critical factor in my being able to help raise our children and to keep myself in line with the financial responsibilities of life.  After jumping around and landing back into a solid and satisfying Network Marketing organization that is growing nicely, and landing partnerships with some amazing entrepreneurs, it was truly time to get serious about hitting that goal of getting out of the 9-5.

I've been focused on affiliate marketing via email, building up a few profitable niche sites along the way, and recently relaunching the site here as my new home for blogging about those endeavors, I'm rebuilding my own online empire and wanting to share it with you every step of the way.

I'm actively building new products of my own that encompass everything I've learned over the years as well as growing my own network of highly motivated and successful joint venture based affiliate vendors that allow me to share only the most powerful and proven tools and training that can change your life for the better.

It boils down to this...

After everything that has been thrown at me, the 9-5 beige cage lifestyle isn't for me anymore.  I've served my time and there are many people in this world who want to make the world a better place by following their own passions and rules.

My desire is to be here for those people, and I'm hoping that you're one of them.

I'm happy that you're here and I truly look forward to walking the road ahead right along with you.

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