Hey!  How’s it going?

Thank you so much for checking out my piece of The Matrix here at RichWallace.net!  I’ll be honest, I really hate talking about myself, but I know that you’re probably sitting there looking at this page wondering, “Well, who the hell are you?”

I’ll cut right to it, but with any new friendship, we’ll need time to get to know each other, so the best way to get to know me is to take a look around and see if what I have to offer you is what you’re actually looking for – the last thing I want to do is waste your time!


Sheesh… persistent, aren’t you!  Well, that’s good because I’m going to ask that of you many times over.

Hi!  My name is Rich Wallace and I’m a serial online entrepreneur that has had the time of my life learning as much as I can find about generating a passive income online.  For the past 22+ years, I’ve dabbled in just about anything and everything that you probably have, or haven’t even heard of yet, as far as making money online.  Here is just a taste of what I’ve been involved in…

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Network Marketing (yep, feel free to roll your eyes)
  • Email Marketing
  • Physical Product Sales
  • Digital Product Sales
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Membership Based Products
  • Website Reviews and Consulting
  • Online Business Coaching and Consulting

Whew!  That’s a lot of letters and bullet points!  But, I’ve had fun in each and every venture, whether I made money online or not, because I’m not one to believe that one or two failures means that it’s time to give up.  With that kind of motivation and desire, it only made sense for me to continue focusing on the training and educational aspect of online business.

MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of us are looking for that better way to supplement, or replace the day-to-day JOB and stop relying on a company to pay us every two weeks.  I’ve spent plenty of time in the beige cage – cubicle – daydreaming of the days where I call the shots and live the life I want to, without trading my time away for the almighty paycheck, working for a business that simply doesn’t share my passions in life.

Since you’re here, I’m sure you’re feeling the same way.

I get it!  That’s why I’m here!

However, we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other and how I can help you in that regard.

The Softer Side

OK, I’m not talking about getting mushy here… I want you to know me as a person that you can trust, and in order to do that, I need to open up a bit and tell you more about me outside of The Matrix.

Several years ago, I started focusing on the educational side of Internet Marketing.  I’ve learned so much over the years, that I didn’t just want to keep it all to myself.  I wasn’t raised to be selfish, and at the end of the day, we’re ALL in the race together, so I want to help as many as I can along the way.

I started up a blog called, PassiveIncomePappy.com that revolved around the world of affiliate marketing in how to find profitable products that people were searching for and ready to buy.  As a single father – we’ll get more into that facet of life in a bit – of course, my goal was to increase and expand my own passive income streams living in a post-divorce world on a now single income.

The blog picked up rather quickly, and I maintained much of my content sharing through my email marketing efforts, which is still the crux of any and all of my business entities.  Then, disaster struck and several of my main online properties were hacked…in fact, even my backups were hacked, so I literally lost EV-ERY-THINNNNGGGG in my business…except for my email list, which many online entrepreneurs will tell you, including me, is truly the lifeblood of any business! 🙂

Rich Wallace – The Family Man (Or so I Thought)

Prior to the dotcom boom, I followed the cookie cutter of life that our parents give to us…

follow The Golden Rule
… do your best in school
… go to college
… get a good paying career
… find a good woman
… give us grandchildren (to spoil, fill up with sugar, then send back home to you!)

You know, the basics.  Well, even then, I wasn’t a very good listener.

I sucked at school.  I never went to college.  I had a decent career as an IT geek.  I found a good woman – even if for a few years.  We kick out some kids – four of them.

Now, from the entire template of life, the only one that I still follow to this day is Follow The Golden Rule.  Hence, which I believe is why I find true joy in helping and teaching others.

My kids are the most important people in my life, they always will be and they have literally saved my life numerous times.

Living After the Apocalypse – Post Divorce

My now ex-wife, although will always be an amazing woman and mother in my eyes, fell out of love with me and about two weeks before my birthday in 2014, she uttered the words that shattered my entire existence… “I don’t want to be with you anymore…


Now, I don’t blame her anymore, because I was FAR from being the perfect partner.  I worked way too much, I wasn’t in tune with her emotions, and I wasn’t nearly as connected with my children as I am now.  But, life will never go the way you plan, no matter how much planning you put into it.

Being a father to four, now living on my own, after losing a joint paycheck took a massive toll on everyone.  After I got my head out of my ass a few months after the divorce was done and final, I had to do something to get myself out of the red, so I went right back to internet marketing and started building up niche sites based on affiliate and email marketing that I already knew more than enough about.

After building up about three sites that were rather popular in their niches, the income started to smooth out again.  I was still dealing with the psychological and mental issues of post divorce, but I knew that I still had it as far as going online to build up a business from the ground up.

Evolution of Online Business and Moving Forward

Fast forward to today, and I’m still running several businesses online, and with the launch of RichWallace.net with my focus on training and education, I’m evolving into a servant leader for you, as I look to give back and help YOU make some amazing changes in your financial world.

Even as I start over from the “Hack Heard Across the World” here at Wally World, I’m not giving up and I’m taking the opportunity to shift into something that I KNOW can work for you because, within a matter of days on this new venture, I replaced several affiliate marketing endeavors with a SINGLE venture that anybody can start from nothing.

Be on the lookout, because I’m going to show you EVERYTHING that CAN change your life.

Remember, the more you learn…the more you learn.